Last news from the European Summer!

The summer in Germany is being amazing! Lots of good gigs and special moments always with good friends around. After a 6 months season in the Brazilian I was thirsty to be back in Berlin and enjoy that.

After arrive here in middle May, Kater Blau was my welcome party! One of the most respected and funniest clubs in Berlin, where together with my Ram Schakl collective, we celebrated the beginning of the summer with a beautiful crowd and lots of fun at Acid Bogen Floor. I proudly opened the event starting with a very organic low bpm, growing up to a intense tribal mood in a totally packed floor since the beginning, finishing in a frenzy and uplift vibe. Golden Gate, in another mythological place was time to a beautiful and very special night playing in the wedding for great friends in the same week as Kater Blau.
The first festival already in June was in Distortion in Denmark, a big event in the streets of Copenhagen where we constructed the main stage, hosting there one of my favorite artists, Acid Pauli. With a pleasure to meet him again!
After a little break in the calm and charming Braunschweig, we traveled to Lärz to realize one of my great desires – Be in Fusion Festival, the mother of all festivals. Was a astonishing and indescribable experience be there for 15 days constructing one the most important autonomous experiences in the earth with my collective Ram Schakl. And more than that, have the honor to can play there in a unforgettable Friday night at Panne Eichel – Velvet Soup Floor, streamlined by nothing less than Bachstelzen, a direct group from Kater Blau and Bar 25.
Directly from Fusion I went back to Bergheider See, having my fourth presentation at Feel Festival. One of the biggest events in Germany closing Fata Morgana stage, in a 6 hours presentation from Sunday to Monday Morning.
Middle July was time to rock the Theater Floor at Menschmeier, an underground icon in Berlin. Closing there this intense floor in more one beautiful Sunday morning. A very special event made by Love Foundation, an international collective that raises funds for social projects in Africa doing very nice events of arts and electronic music that I’m proud to be part.

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